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Introducing Octane

Octane Technology was founded in 2013 with a singular mandate to build highly scalable mobile web products that makes meaningful impact across a variety of Industry verticals where we clearly see an unarticulated consumer need and an opportunity to make a significant impact through cutting edge technology products and solutions.

Our product vision is grounded on the principle of continuous innovation with a clear focus on what our target market would require to succeed in their business.

Octane technology is the group company of Singularity Strategic. Singularity Strategic is a strategic investment company that has successfully setup and scaled multiple businesses in the Telecom and CATV sector.

Introducing Fleetfoot

Fleetfoot is the flagship product of Octane Technology.

FleetFoot is a fully integrated fleet management platform on the cloud, that provides a scalable, end-to end solution to the Fleet Rental Service Industry.

Why FleetFoot

Today, a large component of the Fleet Service industry is addressed by inferior and non-scalable custom made software platforms. Currently most of the software products available for the Fleet industry are built on obsolete proprietary technologies that are closed and do not lend themselves to seamless business workflows and integrations. This creates a definitive bottleneck for the business that wish to scale and grow.

During our extensive market research, it was observed that there was a clear need for a good quality fleet management system that automates the business workflow and positively impacts the performance of these business.

As a team that had successfully built and run large-scale telecom and carrier grad platforms in its previous avatar, the opportunity to build an end to end industry impacting platform appeared meaningful and exciting. This is when Fleet Foot was born; as a seamless plug and play solution with a clear value proposition to provide an universal, flexible and carrier grade business automation platform for the Fleet Industry.



When we talk about our mission, we talk about our commitment to make car rental and leasing companies more efficient, productive and profitable. We aim to achieve this through an unwavering focus to build the most complete, end to end, user focussed fleet management software available today.


Brijesh Chandwani

Brijesh Chandwani is a thought leader and a leading entrepreneurial voice in the ISP space in India. Since 1992 he has successfully floated multiple businesses in the ISP, Media Tech and CATV Sectors. Brijesh received his Bachelors in Engineering from Osmania University.

In the year 2004 Brijesh set up Beam Telecom, an Internet Service Provider that disrupted the dial-up ISP market by pioneering the delivery of broadband solutions via fiber optic technology. During his tenure as the Chief Visionary and Managing Director the company achieved an unprecedented 15X growth to become the 5th largest ISP in the country and is widely regarded as an innovation led telecom powerhouse and a bellwether in the Internet Services Space in India.

Subram Kapoor

Subram Kapoor is an entrepreneur and finance professional with a deep seated understanding and unflinching passion for technology centric ideas and businesses. Subram is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of experience.

Subram joined Beam Telecom in the year 2004. During his tenure as Executive Director Subram was responsible for the execution of Business Operations, Technology Strategy, Network & Infrastructure Rollout, Service Assurance & Delivery with a team span of over 1500+ employees. During his stint in Beam Telecom, Subram was responsible for architecting the entire end to end Internet solution delivery platform capable of providing the fastest broadband experience in India.

Imran Rais

Imran Rais is the Chief Product Architect at Octane Technology with over 15 years experience in building complex and scalable technology products and solutions. He has proven experience in leading large teams across multiple projects and has built super quality solutions across various sectors. He is a multi faceted problem solver and a hands on technologist who has an innate capability to work across all levels of a software solution stack. As a cross-domain specialist, Over the years, Imran has accumulated considerable expertise in large scale deployments with keen focus on new and emerging technologies.

Investors / partners

Investing company
Khaled Alouda & Sons Holding Co. is a Corporate group based out of Saudi Arabia. The company is invested into a varied and diversified business portfolio consisting of real estate, hospitality, information technology & manpower supply.
It was established in the year 2004 by Mr. Khaled Ouda Abdullah Alouda with a clear mandate to build a strong and credible Saudi enterprise with a global reach while passionately pursuing value creation.

Marketing and Support Partners – UAE
Founded in 2004, Location Solutions (or LS) has rapidly established itself as one of the leading Telematics service providers in the Gulf region. The company focuses on Fleet Management Solutions, LBS (Location-Based Services), M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Remote Communication, and specializes in GPS/GSM and Satellite-based online Tracking and Monitoring solutions for vehicles, assets, workforce, and individuals.


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