To See How FleetFoot Can Transform Your Business.

What do your Customers Need Today?

from a car rental and leasing services company

  • Any time, Any where Access

  • Car Booking is a Touch Away

  • Direct to Doorstep Experience

  • Fully Transparent - No Surprises experience

  • Mobile First

  • Simplified Process

What does your Business Need Today?

to be more efficient & achieve profitability

  • Control & Visibility
    Asset Lifecycle Management, Customer Lifecycle Management

  • Revenue Management
    Leakage Prevention, Flexible Billing, Debtor Management

  • Expenditure Management
    Expense Tracking, Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Better Proccess
    Critical Path Management, Workflow & Approval Cycles

  • Higher Efficiency
    Asset Utilization, People Utilization

  • Data Mining
    Prediction Analysis, Risk Management

Why is Fleetfoot

The most advanced and complete fleet management software

  • Integration & Extension (APIs)

  • Modular Framework for Customization

  • Lower Learning Curve & High
    Adoption Rate

  • Fully Automated Business Process

  • Data Mining/Analysis & Reporting

  • Fleet Control & Planning

  • Built on the latest technology paradigms

  • Easy to Use - Modern User Experience

  • Multilingual (Supports Arabic)

  • Built for GCC requirement like

  • Cloud Based Secure, Fast & Reliable

  • Software Support Seamless Upgrades

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